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UW-Madison Subscription to RefWorks will end June 30, 2013

May 15, 2012

The University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries have been supporting a campus-wide license for the RefWorks citation management tool for many years. We have been glad to be able to provide such financial support for this productivity software; however recent budget cuts have created a situation where the Libraries have had to reexamine every single financial commitment. Unfortunately, the Libraries need to discontinue the subsidy for the campus RefWorks software license.

We recognize that there is a large user community that relies on RefWorks for citation management and that this news is a disappointment to RefWorks users. Because so many people rely on RefWorks for significant amounts of citation management support, we are continuing our support of the license through June 2013 in order to give ample time for all RefWorks users to understand alternatives available to them. By providing over one year's advance notice, we hope to mitigate problems with any transition issues you may encounter. Librarians are available to assist you with an assessment of your unique citation management needs and to explain options for either continuing with RefWorks on an individual license or migrating your citations to a different tool.

Libraries will continue to provide support for UW citation manager users, including offering workshops, consultations and online documentation as we have been doing for a variety of software tools that have not been paid for by the Libraries.

Thank you for understanding our difficult budget decision about RefWorks and please contact UW-Madison's AskRefWorks for specific information on how to get assistance.

For any questions about details on the budget situation for the Libraries, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Thank you,

Ed Van Gemert

Interim Director, General Library System

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