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Beginning July 1, 2013 the University of WI-Madison has taken over lending.

What lending symbol should we send requests to? Is UW-Madison the central ILL lending operations to other libraries for all of the various smaller libraries on campus?

All requests for materials housed within the UW-Madison collections, including the State Historical Society, can still be sent to the OCLC Symbol GZM. We will fill materials from within all of the campus collections that allow the lending and copying of materials for interlibrary loan.

How does this affect shipping via Redbox (especially returns) – who do we ship back to?

You can continue to ship materials back to the UW-Madison campus via the red box to the GZM symbol.

Are there restrictions on public library interlibrary loan?

We are in the process of drafting a contract with DPI for borrowing and lending between our collections. At this time we plan to honor our current contracts.

In your policies, (OCLC) UW-Madison charges $20/loan.  Is this true for all libraries?  If so, what are your payment options?

Our ILL per item fee remains $20/IFM. GZM accepts payment via OCLC IFM, invoice, or credit cards. We prefer payment via IFM. If you are not an IFM using library, we will send invoices regularly.

Wisconsin libraries interested in establishing reciprocal lending relationships with us for reduced rates (currently $7.95 per item) should contact Joy Pohlman at jpohlman@library.wisc.edu.

What are your new lending policies?

The majority of our current policies remain:

  • Have up to five volumes per request
  • Have up to six reels of microfilm of the same title per request
  • Have up to ten microfiche per request
  • Receive master theses as scanned PDFs

The University of Wisconsin-Madison no longer offers the Digitization on Demand service. We hope to reinstate this service in the near future.

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