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Friends News is published twice a year. The newsletter, distributed locally, focuses on recent library acquisitions and upcoming Friends events at the UW-Madison Library.

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Note: Past copies of Libraries, the magazine of the UW-Madison Libraries, are also found on this site. The magazine highlighted people, programs and collections of the UW-Madison Libraries, its role in the life of a great university, and the significant support of Friends and donors.

Friends News Spring 2014

  • Caxton Club Annual Symposium
  • Grants-in-Aid Visiting Scholar uses Library of Amateur Journalism
  • Meet the Friends Board and New Staff

Friends News, Fall 2013

  • Look What's Cooking: the Steenbock Library Cookbook Collection
  • Calendar of Events
  • Preserving a Library Treasure; The Deutscher Sprachatlas

Friends News, Spring 2013

  • University Archives Film Collection by Archivist Vicki Tobias
  • Calendar of Events
  • A Visiting Scholar Says Thanks

Friends News, Fall 2012

  • Building Taliesin, a new book by Ron McCrea
  • Calendar of Events
  • Letter from Friends President Eleanor Albert

2012 MagazineFriends of the Library Magazine, 2012

  • Updates on Digital Initiatives
  • Digital Collections and the Wisconsin Idea
  • The Artists' Book Collection
  • The Library as an Incubator for the Arts

Friends News, Spring 2012

  • Letter from Friends President Eleanor Albert
  • Calendar of Events

Friends News, Fall 2011

  • Campus Student Services in the Library
  • Libraries in the 21st Century
  • Chevalier John Taylor, England's Early Oculist: Pretender or Pioneer?
  • Grant-in-Aid Research: Public Relations Strategies of the American Federation of Labor


Friends of the Library Magazine, 2011

  • Allied Drive Literacy Time: Helping Kids Bond With Books
  • Art in the Library
  • Robinson Map Library
  • Peter Pauper Press


Friends News, Spring 2011
Friends News, Spring 2011

  • The Wisconsin State Herbarium

  • Grant-in-Aid Research: Believing It, Defending It, Proclaiming It--Using the Museum Form to Challenge Science

  • Art in Service of Science

  • Spring 2011 Calendar of Events





Friends News, Fall 2010
"Fall 2010 Newsletter"

  • Madison's Working Museum: Silver Buckle Press

  • The Friends Book Sale: Behind the Scenes

  • Grant-in-Aid Helps Highlight Prominent Wisconsinites' Correspondence

  • Fall 2010 Calendar of Events



Friends of the Library Magazine, 2010
"Spring 2010 Magazine"

  • Student-Driven Activism: Tribal Libraries, Archives, and Museums

  • The American Indian Studies Program: Planning Its Future

  • Diaries of Discovery: Rare Books Document Indigenous Population of Japan

  • Spotlight on a Friend: Frank Horlbeck



Friends News, Winter 2010
Friends News, Winter 2010

  • How Science Became Boring: Observational Astronomy in the Nineteenth Century

  • Ebling Library for the Health Sciences: A Multifaceted Resource

  • History of the Friends Published

  • Winter 2010 Calendar of Events





Friends News, Fall 2009

  • Browse the Decorative Arts Collection Online"2009 Friends Fall Newsletter"

  • Fall 2009 Calendar of Events

  • Friends Support Authors at the Wisconsin Book Festival

  • Researching Vietnam-Era GI Dissent





Friends of the Library Magazine, 2009

  • Snapshots: A Brief Description of Eight Libraries at UW-Madison
    "2009 Friends Magazine"
  • The Charles Wedemeyer Papers
  • Wisconsin's Buried Treasures
  • Rediscovering Zoological Museum Treasures
  • What's Cooking? : Recipes for Success at the UW Digital Collections
  • The Friends Support Rare Book School Attendance
  • Spotlight on a Friend: Pat Bender




"Winter 2009 Newsletter"

Friends News, Winter 2009

  • On, Wisconsin! On, Wisconsin! Stand up, Badgers, Sing!

  • Spring 2009 Calendar of Events

  • Oral History: Recording History with Those Who Lived It

  • Working with O. Winston Link

  • Researching Modern European History in Madison


Friends News, Fall 2008

"Fall 2008"

  • The Art of Looking: Visual Finds in the Kohler Art Library

  • Color Enhanced: Use of Color in Scientific Books

  • Fall 2008 Calendar Events

  • Friends Announce Annual Grants to Campus Libraries

  • Friends Sponsor Bibliophile and Author Lewis Buzbee

  • The Art of College Humor: Historic College Humor Magazines

  • Visiting Scholars Receive Grants-in-Aid





Friends of the Libraries Magazine, 20082008 Libraries Magazine

  • George Washington's library: A life revealed by John Kaminski

  • History in the making: Archiving the stem cell saga

  • Work books: Thinking and making

  • Open access: Sharing what we learn

  • The Graaskamp legacy now online

  • Renewing the landscape: restoring relief maps

  • Enhanced perspectives: an 18th-century encyclopedia inspires students


2007 Winter Friends NewsFriends News, Winter 2007

  • Commemorating sixty years of friendship in 2008

  • Research librarian, UW alumna to speak at Friends Annual Lecture in April

  • Friends library grants provide foreign language films to LSS, allow student check-out

  • Spring 2008 Calendar of Events

  • Three students sent to Rare Book School share experience with the Friends

  • Fall book sale generates nearly $25,000 to fund Friends activities on campus

  • Chemistry Library marks one hundred years of activity UW–Madison

  • Grant-in-aid scholar hopes to advance philosophers' awareness of women in academia

2007 Fall Friends News Friends News, Fall 2007

  • Patronage on display in Special Collections exhibit "Under the Medicean Stars"

  • Friends sponsor Jane Hirshfield appearance at WI Book Festival

  • UW Faculty Senate resolution moves toward greater access to scholarly communication

  • Fall 2007 Calendar of Events

  • Business Library has come a long way since its days in Bascom Hall's basement

  • Cairns Collection furthers research, inspires work of Grants-in-Aid scholar

  • University speaks volumes through the Oral History Project

2007 Summer Friends News Friends News, Summer 2007

  • $1 million Schewe bequest for UW-Madison Libraries to benefit Friends

  • Libraries receive 8,000-book collection from estate of civil rights activist, UW professor Herbert Hill

  • Renovations reshape Steenbock Library's interior

  • Friends bring several scholars to campus

  • Fall 2007 events preview

  • Library collections aid scholar in study of Venetian book collections

  • Genealogy collection among first materials from UW in Google Library Project

2007 Friends Magazine Friends of the Library Magazine, 2007

  • Believed to be the largest collection of college humor magazines in the United States arrive in Special Collections.

  • The late Douglas Schewe leaves $1 million to the libraries to benefit the Friends.

  • The Biology Library receives an Allen estate gift.

  • The Friends organization turns 60.

  • Preservation involves keeping knowledge safe: from paper to pixels.

  • Reference services enter a new age.


2006 Winter Friends NewsFriends News, Winter 2006

  • Google book agreement will increase library access, digital preservation efforts

  • Visiting scholar studies Olgivanna and Frank Lloyd Wright

  • Spring 2007 calendar of events

  • Spirit of collaboration among campus libraries helps maintain quality of resources, services

  • CIMC gives future educations the latest methods in teaching ABCs and 123s

  • Proper shelving plays role in book preservation

2006 Fall Friends NewsFriends News, Fall 2006

  • Old, new in science illustration come together in Ebling Library exhibitions

  • Protecting 'brittle books' important for libraries

  • Funding, preservation facility among top priorities for UW libraries

  • Fall 2006 calendar of events

  • Parents Fund gives Journalism Reading Room much-needed improvements

  • Visiting scholar studies Special Collections works on Reformation

Friends News, Summer 2006

  • Airport exhibition features library collections

  • Secrets Reveal'd showcases Pseudo-sciences

  • Physics Library survives turmoil of Chamberlin Hall renovations

  • Profile: Loni Hayman

  • Friends award grants to libraries, visiting scholars

  • The evolving definitions of book conservation and preservation

2006 Libraries MagazineFriends of the Library Magazine, 2006

  • The Lothar Meggendorfer Collection, which the Friends helped the library acquire, is a multidisciplinary resource for those interested in the history of the book and the history of printing.

  • The libraries begin a partnership across campus departments to collect contemporary history on stem cell research.

  • The University Archives launches a Web site documenting 100 years of UW women's athletics.

  • The Astronomical Library celebrates its 125th anniversary.

  • The UW Digital Collections Center reaches a milestone—its one millionth digital object.

  • Professor of Italian Christopher Kleinhenz, a 2006 Hilldale Award recipient, writes about one of the great literary works of the Middle Ages: Boccaccio's Decameron.

  • Wisconsin folk music, songs brought to the state by immigrants from across the seas and by the daughters of former slaves, can now be heard around the world through the recently launched Helene Stratman-Thomas Collection on the Web. UW folklorist James Leary talks about the collection held by the Mills Music Library.

  • The 2005 Honor Roll acknowledges more than 6,000 individuals and families from across the country who give to the libraries every year.


2005 Winter Friends NewsFriends News, Winter 2005

  • Italian "micro history" displayed in Fry Collection exhibit

  • History of UW Women's Athletics now online

  • Spring 2006 calendar of events

  • First database for South Asian periodicals developed at UW

  • History of Plant Pathology Library

  • Geology Geophysics Library renovated to create new presence

2005 Fall Friends NewsFriends News, Fall 2005

  • The art of books, online

  • The university's first reference department
  • Three new Grants-in-Aid scholars

  • FELIX enters third year

  • Friends Fall Calendar of Events

  • Tips on opening a book for the first time

2005 Summer Friends NewsFriends News, Summer 2005

  • UW Digital Collections approaches milestone

  • Five Friends Board Members retire

  • Volunteer profile: Jim Dast

  • Map Library looks toward digital future

  • Friends grant more than $19,500 for library projects

  • Tips on encouraging book preservation with children

2005 Libraries MagazineFriends of the Library Magazine, 2005

  • Palatino: Letter as art

  • News

  • Hmong at heart: Capturing a living history

  • Campus librarians take story hour to community youth

  • The life of a book

  • Honor Roll 2004


Winter 2004 Friends NewsFriends News, Winter 2004

  • Message from the Friends Finance Committee

  • Silver Buckle press acquires historic font

  • Spring 2005 Events Calendar

  • Fall Book Sale report

  • Friends welcome first student representative on the board of directors

  • American Indian Studies Program Resource Center

  • Tips on book preservation

2004 Fall Friends NewsFriends News, Fall 2004

  • UW-Madison Libraries host traveling Frankenstein exhibit

  • Mills Music Library acquires renowned collection

  • Friends grant preserves intellectual freedom collection

  • List of all Friends Grants-to-Libraries

  • Fall Friends Calendar of Events

  • Special Collections to exhibit history of religion in print

  • Biology Library holds wealth of rare monographs and journals

Friends News, Summer 2004
2004 Summer Friends News

  • Special Collections exhibits "Layers of Knowledge"

  • Former professor donates religion and philosophy collections

  • Libraries create 2003-2005 Strategic Plan

  • Grant-in-Aid program continues to draw scholars from around the world

  • UW-Madison Libraries to create online gallery of decorative trading bindings with University of Alabama Libraries

  • A gift from eight thousand miles away: Vietnamese monk donates collection of Buddhist books

Friends of the Library Magazine, 2004
2004 Libraries Magazine

  • Bee collection honors apiculturist Charles C. Miller

  • Highlights from the libraries' expanding digital collections

  • New library acquisitions memorial fund established for former White House aide

  • Libraries treasure fifteenth-and sixteenth-century editions of the Triumphs, allegorical poems by Renaissance-era Italian poet and historian Francesco Petrarch

  • Wisconsin's largest book sale reaches $300,000; Layers of Knowledge opens in Special Collections; new Ebling Library combines three Health Sciences Libraries; Frankenstein exhibit opens this fall; purchases commemorate 50th anniversary; libraries launch service quality survey; FIGs make transition to college easier

  • Includes names of more than 6,000 people who donated money and materials to the libraries last year



Friends News, Winter 2002-03Friends News, Winter 2003

  • Special Collections acquires 100-year old, "digitally" woven book produced with Jacquard loom

  • UW-Madison receives The Electronic Beowulf

  • Astronomy Library continues to grow

  • Spring Calendar of Events

  • Friends revise mission statement; UW-Madison Libraries announce new bookplates; Canterbury Books hosts A Literary Feast launch; all-night hours popular at College Library; fall book sale nears sales record

Libraries Magazine, Fall 2003Friends of the Library Magazine, 2003

  • Friends commemorate the acquisition of libraries' six millionth volume

  • UW-Madison Libraries receive a 300 year-old copy of John Locke's An Essay Concerning Humane Understanding (1670)

  • Judith Strasser, a Parallel Press author and former senior producer of the nationally-distributed radio program To The Best of Our Knowledge, recalls the nurturing mentorship of a children’s librarian which made possible her first “real” published piece

  • Madison alumna Shirley E. Cherkasky and Jessie M. Christensen create the largest unrestricted endowment for Special Collections in its history

  • On September 17th, 1953, Memorial Library opened its doors to the public. This month the library celebrates 50 years of service

  • Poet laureate Billy Collins comes to Madison this fall as the key speaker in the Wisconsin Book Festival; the Friends publish a cookbook, A Literary Feast: Recipes and Writings by American Women Authors from History; and College Library launches Open Book Café


Friends of the Library Magazine, 2002
Libraries Magazine, Spring 2002

  • Documenting the history of early American hand papermaking

  • Poets as the keepers of memory

  • The UW-Madison Libraries receives more than 26,000 documents of Italian history from Professor of Physics Emeritus Jack Fry

  • It was serendipity that introduced David Hayman, an internationally recognized James Joyce scholar and Robert Motherwell, the famous abstract expressionist artist, to Ulysses for the first time

  • Centerpiece of Friends spring lecture series is one of largest collections of artists' books in the country


Friends of the Library Magazine, 2001
Libraries Magazine, Winter 2000-01

  • Converting a rare 400-year-old alchemical masterpiece into an online resource

  • Some of the first photomicrographs of snow crystals, glass slides more than 100 years old, will be preserved through the Friends grant program

  • Memorial Library turned fifty this year. The decision to build the library, however, was a long time in the making

  • Volunteer extraordinaire ellsworth snyder believes in pursuing art that ignores boundaries and definitions

  • American decorative arts will soon take up digital residence in the UW–Madison Libraries. The project may one day serve as a virtual encyclopedia of the decorative arts


Friends of the Library Magazine, 2000
Libraries Magazine, Spring 2000

  • For lifelong Audubon collector Richard Anderson, an ideal for living has provided powerful motivation in collecting and giving

  • Excerpts from internationally-known historian and library Friend George L. Mosse's forthcoming memoir, which he completed two weeks before he died in 1999

  • Introducing Lothar Meggendorfer’s International Circus, a 100-year-old movable toy book

  • Digital Africa: a new library Web site makes visiting the African continent possible from classrooms and desktops


Libraries Magazine, Fall 1999Friends of the Library Magazine, 1999

  • Daniel and Eleanor Albert—who have collected rare books in ophthalmology for nearly four decades—describe their philosophy as collectors

  • The UW Foundation Parents Fund has raised more than $250,000 for the libraries; the Class of 1949 provided a gift to create a Humanities Digital Projects Center; the libraries put the Ravenstein Atlas, a valuable genealogical tool, online

  • Increase Lapham, an unsung hero of Wisconsin's pioneer days, collected a personal library that, when acquired by UW-Madison in 1876, increased campus library holdings by 20 percent

  • Manuscripts in Special Collections by Kenneth Fearing, author of the film noir classic The Big Clock, are the subject of a grant-in-aid project

  • UW Archives is preserving 26,000 photos from the 1800s to 1935 taken by Madison photographer William Meuer


Libraries Magazine, Winter 1998-99Friends of the Library Magazine, Winter 1998-99

  • Seeing the headwaters. Marie McCabe has given the libraries a remarkable collection of papers, photographs, and manuscripts of Aldo Leopold assembled by her husband, Robert, who was Leopold's student, assistant and colleague.

  • News. The Friends book sale grosses $16,000; the General Library System negotiated group license agreements for all UW System libraries with two publishers of Web-based journals; the libraries launch a new imprint -- Parallel Press -- with a collection of poetry by Andrea Potos.

  • Celebrating a quarter century. The Silver Buckle Press celebrates its twenty-fifth anniversary in the General Library System. It is the only university printing museum in the United States that combines education with an active publication program.

  • Commentary: Maintaining strong libraries. UW-Madison journalism Professor Stephen Vaughn describes a startling scenario -- the skyrocketing prices for library materials that is compounded by the libraries' declining purchasing power.

  • Writer's page: Blessings. Ron Wallace, winner of the 1998 Hilldale Award, shares an original collection of poetry, published this summer as a chapbook by the Silver Buckle Press.

  • Truly naked on Beat pages. William Lawlor, an English professor at UW-Stevens Point, makes extensive use of the Little Magazine Collection in his studies. As he points out, "When the censors loomed, the small presses prevailed."


MessengerFriends of the Library Magazine, Fall/Winter 1997

  • Teddy and Beth Kubly give Kohler Art Library a fine arts press book, Dante's Inferno. The Kubly family has also established a $100,000 endowment for the library

  • Nationally-recognized author Lorrie Moore describes why being "deeper and sicker" may be better for writing

  • Stanley and Rita Kaplan give UW-Madison libraries one of the most comprehensive collections of Judaica in the world

  • Librarian Ginny Moore Kruse and the Cooperative Children's Book Center named winners of the 1997 Intellectual Freedom Award

  • John Toussaint has created one of the largest used book sale events in Southern Wisconsin, raising more than $34,000 for the Friends in only 18 months

  • A growing online archive of full-text journals offers faculty and students easier access to research material

MessengerFriends of the Library Magazine, Spring/Summer 1997

  • Ann S. Nelson's donation of Shakespeare’s Second Folio, 1,000 of which were published in 1632

  • General Library System Director Ken Frazier proposes balancing investments in technological infrastructure with acquisition of knowledge resources

  • Three significant Yiddish and Hebrew collections have been purchased with help from donations from the UW-Madison Center for Jewish Studies

  • Work by and an interview with Newbery Award-winning author Nancy Willard, who will give the Friends annual lecture

  • The libraries' Silver Buckle Press has coordinated the efforts of thirty-two artists nationwide on the Exquisite Horse, an elaborate exquisite corpse project

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