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Loan Periods for UW-Madison Libraries

There are many libraries at UW-Madison and loan policies vary across campus. Each library has different loan periods for their library materials depending on your patron category and the type of item you wish to borrow.

Please remember:

  1. Not all campus libraries are included here. Only those libraries which circulate materials online are included.
  2. You can view the due dates of all your library materials in MadCat by clicking on the My MadCat Account button.
  3. Loan periods for reserve materials are not included in the tables.
  4. Call the Memorial Library Circulation Office at (608) 263-7360 for more information. Office hours are 8:00am-4:00pm, Monday - Friday.

Please note! Information on loan periods for materials borrowed from UW System Libraries is now included!

Loan Periods for Campus Libraries by Patron Category

Patron Category
Not sure of your patron category?
UW-Madison Faculty & Staff
UW-Madison Graduate Students
UW-Madison Undergraduate and Special Students
UW-Madison Other Appointments This category includes a wide range of campus people who are employed by UW-Madison but are not payrolled by UW-Madison. This generally includes honorary fellows, some post-docs, and some visiting scholars.Please note! Even though you may be issued a UW-Madison ID card, you must go to Memorial Library to get a separate library card. Contact the Memorial Library Circulation Office at (608) 263-7360 for more information.
UW-Madison Affiliates This category includes State Historical Society staff, some Memorial Union or Union South administrative staff, some UW Credit Union administrative staff, and some UW Hospital staff.
UW System Faculty & Staff This category includes faculty and staff from all UW System schools outside of UW-Madison.
UW System Students This category includes undergraduate and graduate students from all UW System schools outside of UW-Madison.
Annual Fee Cards
(Formerly Memorial Library Deposit Cards)
This category includes employees of Wisconsin corporations (see Corporate Cards for more information) and state residents not included in other categories. State residents must be able to prove residency by providing two forms of identification with address information. One form must have a current photo. A $30.00 annual fee is required for a library card (residents over 62 pay $15.00)
Courtesy Cards This category includes Madison Area Technical College, Edgewood and Beloit College faculty, staff and students, as well as CIC Visiting Faculty and OCLC Reciprocal Borrowing Program Faculty. It also includes state, county, or city employees.
Friends of the UW-Madison Library Friends of the UW-Madison Library receive borrowing privileges for campus libraries.

Contact Kerry Kresse, (608) 262-8696, for questions and comments.

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