Article Search Improved for Spring 2013

Ask a Librarian

This semester, we are providing a significant upgrade to the Libraries' Article Search service. The new Article Search features an improved interface that makes it easier to find the articles and other resources needed for student and faculty research.

Article Search

Article Search uses a simple Google-like search box to hundreds of millions of scholarly e-resources of global and regional importance. These include journal articles, e-books, reviews, legal documents, and more. These are harvested from publishers, indexers, and open-access repositories. Try using Article Search when you might have otherwise used Google Scholar or a specific research database.

Article Search will not replace these other search tools as it does not contain content from EVERY database purchased by the Library, but it will contain content from many of the Libraries’ journal databases. We hope that you will find it a useful tool for starting your research.

What’s in Article Search?

Article Search includes:

  • Hundreds of millions of records for journal articles, e-journals, news articles, conference proceedings, technical reports, and much more.
  • Information from some of the Library-purchased databases and online journals that you already use.

Article Search does not include:

  • The contents of the UW-Madison Library Catalog. Continue to search the Library Catalog to find books and additional e-books.
  • The contents of all of the Library-purchased databases.

Why use Article Search?

If you are used to using Google or Google Scholar to find information, you may have wished that you could search all UW-Madison Libraries’ database resources from a single search box. Article Search doesn’t quite do this, but it is one step closer to providing this type of search.

We continually work to improve your search experience, so please let us know what you think by using the Contact Us link within the new interface.

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