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UW-Madison General Library System
Annual Report Highlights of 2001-2002

The principal management strategy of the library system in recent years has been to compensate for the weakness of the acquisitions budget by strengthening services to faculty and students. The past academic year witnessed the full maturity and success of these service programs. During the 2001-02 academic year, the UW-Madison Libraries completed the implementation of a campus-wide system of remote access and resource sharing. Enhanced resource sharing is one of the most important strategic directions of the CIC, UW System, and UW-Madison Libraries.

Another important achievement of the past academic year was documented by the assessment of the information literacy component in the Communication Requirement, Course A and Course B. Promoting information literacy among students has been a perennial strategic theme among UW and CIC libraries. We are especially proud of the UW Madison Library and Information Literacy program which now provides more than 2000 instructional programs for more than 25,000 students each year.

The strategic directions of the UW-Madison Libraries in 2001-02 were organized around the following goals:

  1. Expand resource sharing and document delivery
  2. Cooperate with other UW System libraries in managing journal collections and databases
  3. Promote change in scholarly communication
  4. Scale up UW digital collection in collaboration with faculty
  5. Upgrade interlibrary loan and document management software
  6. Complete conversion of the card catalog to improve access to print resources

Achievements in the 2001-02 Academic Year
(Quick Guide)

  1. Resource Sharing, Access, and Document Delivery

  2. Library and Information Literacy Instruction Program

  3. Growth of the UW-Madison Digital Library

  4. Library Relations

  5. Library Operations



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