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What is it?

EZProxy is a remote access service. This remote access service…

  • Provides internet authentication for UW-Madison students, faculty and staff
  • Confirms that you are a valid UW-Madison member and enables access to most library resources

Some resources are only available in campus libraries,
as noted by the Only available in campus libraries symbol.

Who needs it?

Use the remote access service if any of situations below apply to you:

  • You are currently affiliated with UW-Madison but use a commercial Internet Service Provider (ISP) such as TDS Metrocom DSL or Charter Cable Modem
  • You are on sabbatical, dialing into WiscWorld would be a long-distance call, and your department does not have a 1-800 number that redirects to the WiscWorld dial-up pool
  • You are currently affiliated with UW-Madison and need to access our resources from another university
  • You use DoIT's WiscVPN service (this only applies to off-campus use)

Note: Some employers use security measures that restrict Internet access. If your employer is one of these, you may be unable to use the UW-Madison remote access service with your web browser. In most cases this can be remedied. Contact your system administrator.

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How does it work?

What it does

The remote access server does two things:

  1. Validates you as a current student, faculty or staff of UW-Madison by use of an assigned name and password.
  2. Acts as a gateway to resources that are licensed or otherwise restricted to UW-Madison.

How you use it

If you click on a link to a resource, you will get a Remote Access for UW-Madison Faculty, Staff, and Students screen. You can use your campus NetID and password to login.

Questions about remote access service can be emailed to the Library Technology Group Help Desk. You can also reach the Help Desk by calling (608) 262-8880 during business hours.

Please note that some resources are unavailable off-campus, either due to licensing terms or requiring different methods of access.

If you would like to bookmark a library resource, simply copy the URL from a library web page to ensure you get the correct information. If you find that a library resource denies you access, you can try using the library's Remote access bookmarklet (click on "Remote access bookmarklet" in the table of contents box on the left). PLEASE NOTE: The Remote access bookmarklet will only work for UW-Madison faculty, staff, and students.

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Remote access bookmarklet

The best way to access licensed electronic resources is through the library website E-Resource Gateway, SFX E-journals list or MadCat. If you want to use your own bookmarked URLs, this bookmarklet which will proxy licensed resources for you.

You may have found a database link from a search engine such as Google or received an email from your favorite database provider in your mailbox. If the url does not contain it will probably not work for you.

A url that will not work:

A url that will work:

By using the remote access bookmarklet you can identify yourself to the database provider as a valid UW-Madison user and gain access to licensed content. (Find out more about bookmarklets)

How to install the bookmarklet

Internet Explorer

Right click on this link UW-Madison Libraries Proxy Bookmarklet
Select Add to Favorites... You may be prompted with a security alert that the You are adding a favorite that may not be safe. Do you want to continue? It is safe to click Yes to continue.

Safari and Chrome

Click on and drag this link to your Bookmarks bar: UW-Madison Libraries Proxy Bookmarklet


Right click on this link: UW-Madison Libraries Proxy Bookmarklet
Select Bookmark This Link. Alternatively, click and drag the link to your Bookmarks toolbar.

How to use the bookmarklet

If you have a database url in your browser that doesn't contain, you can identify yourself as a valid UW-Madison user by clicking on the remote access bookmarklet in your list of bookmarks.

This will redirect you to a page where you can login with your NetID and gain access to licensed content.

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