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Choose the right source
  • Find out how many and what kinds of sources you need by looking at your assignment or syllabus, or by asking your professor.
  • Does your professor want you to use books? popular articles? scholarly articles? primary sources? statistics?
  • Think about the different kinds of questions you need to answer. Cutting edge research is found in scholarly articles, books give good overviews, and newspapers are a great window into what the public thinks. Match the information you need to the source most likely to help you find it. Librarians and professors can be helpful here!

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popular articles
Articles that report current events and entertain or summarize research of general interest for the general public. Usually written by journalists or general staff writers.
scholarly articles
Articles that report the results of research or analytical studies for scholars, researchers, and students in a particular field of study. Usually written by researchers and experts in their field.
Primary source
A document or record containing firsthand information or original data on a topic. (ODLIS)

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