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February 14, 2013

University Library Committee (ULC)
Thursday February 14, 2013
Memorial Library Room 362
Draft Revision: 02/14/2013 (Approved 3/14/13)

Members Present:  Cynthia Jasper (Chair), Ed Van Gemert, Baha Balantekin, Steven Barkan, Susan Barribeau, Karen Britland, Karl Broman, Steve Bye, Eileen Cullen, Ankur Desai, Ron Harris, Jody Hoesly (minutes), Allison Kaplan, Larry Nesper, Mary Trotter, Laura Rudquist


1.  No minutes to approval from October 8 or Dec. 13 meetings (search for Vice Provost of Libraries position discussions).  September 13 minutes were approved at the Oct. 8 meeting.

2.  News and announcements

  • Ed Van Gemert was congratulated as the new Vice Provost of Libraries

3.  Provost directives (Van Gemert)
Ed Van Gemert presented the provost directives, which were followed by discussion. 

  • “Develop a personal action plan for how I will seek to ensure the continued excellence of the GLS and more importantly, how this will be accomplished over the new few years.”


Focus on leadership:  Ed is focusing on filling key administrative executive positions and interim positions. This may require some reorganizing.

  • “Work with campus leadership, various stakeholder, governance and GLS staff to create a clear strategic plan for implementation of this vision.  We anticipate this visionary effort to include addressing the rapidly changing environment for university libraries such as management of data curation, collection content and management, strengthening our instructional components, and optimizing the effectiveness of GLS for our broad research mission.”


Effective strategic planning process:  Ed will embark on tailoring a process to develop a library strategic plan to define our major themes, directions and initiatives.  There are many new Deans on campus who are going through similar strategies and working together on the processes.  The Office of Quality Improvement will also be involved.

Collections: The library received a base budget increase of about $850,000.  We are very appreciative, but Ed will try to move us to a more predictable budget model to manage inflationary increases. 

Data: Ed will lead efforts with campus administration to move forward with data curation and data preservations.

Comments/Discusssion:  For the strategic planning process, these suggestions were mentioned:

  • Go beyond themes
  • Define initiatives and who will lead them
  • Make sure it is participatory, more open, and not the VP deciding  
  • Use the Office of Quality Control to help facilitate discussion
  • Use focus groups around various themes:
    • Space and how we use it
    • Collections
    • Staff development
    • Scholarly communication and digital scholarship
    • Copyright services
    • Information Technology
    • Open access
  • Involve a variety of internal partners: 
    • Faculty
    • Leadership council
    • Graduate and undergraduate students
    • Staff
    • ULC
    • Department chairs.  Each school has a monthly department chair meeting that maybe a natural forum to use.
    • DoIT
  • Include external audiences:
    • Extension
    • Government (ex. flex degree program)
    • K-12
    • Public Libraries
  • Engage Funders:
    • Friends of the library
    • Alumni
    • Board of Visitors
  • Prioritize and Plan – We don’t want the results to be a wishlist that we can’t afford to do.  We do not have unlimited funding so this may require reducing services too.
  • Move Ahead – The process could take a year so we need to move ahead on some decisions.
  •  “Work with UW Foundation to develop and pursue a philanthropic fundraising plan.  Past efforts have been quite successful and have allowed the GLS to conduct initiatives otherwise not possible.” 


Development Officer:  The Director of Development – Campus Libraries has been posted (see handout).  They will try to appoint a candidate immediately.  The fundraising goal for the first year is 1 million dollars.


  • Library website has a “Make a Gift” link.  It is not where big donations are made, however.
  • Endowment is about $20 mil.  Last year brought in $600K and we just received over $1 mil.
  • Some gifts have stipulations which make them challenging to manage.
  • Create a Board of Visitors – not just national, but international.
  • Parents groups may be a target.
  • Friends of the library are always helpful.
  • Leverage partnerships - WI Historical Society, Library School.
  • Naming Opportunities
  • “Higher education is experiencing fiscal and social pressures that begin to exhibit themselves in purposeful efforts to change the fundamental way we educate our students.  I anticipate you will become part of that change process leveraging the GLS into a true partnership in the volatile landscape.”


Education Innovation:  Educational innovation has integrated librarians and resources into the creation and support of blended learning and MOOCs.   There is an increased demand for spaces like WisCEL so libraries will continue to look at ways to repurpose space.  UW facilities have welcomed the library into the planning process of building or remodeling projects of 3 million or more.  A ULC representative may be needed for that process.

Areas where ULC can help:

  • COLLECTIONS – Mary will present a budget overview at a future ULC meeting.  This will also be a topic of discussion in the Strategic Planning Process.
  • DATADAY March 21, 2013 (see handouts) -This is an excellent opportunity for  partnerships around data.
  • Scholarly communication symposium - As a follow-up to DATADAY, Ed would like ULC support in hosting a symposium for faculty working around digital scholarship and open access issues.
  • Other business


  • ULC meeting schedule:
  • March 14, 12:30-1:30 p.m., 362 Memorial Library
  • (New Time) April 11, 10:00 a.m.,  Wendt Commons, Room 405
  • (New Time) May 9, 10:00 a.m., room to be announced (College Library) – Carrie Kruse can discuss new DesignLab and the Media Studio classrooms  in College Library which can be followed up with a general discussion on spaces.

Future Topic Suggestions:


  • Directives for the Vice Provost for Libraries and University Librarian
  • University of Wisconsin Foundation, Director of Development – Campus Libraries position description
  • Data Day Poster and Agenda (March 21, 2013)
  • University Library Committee 2012-2013 Membership

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