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In recent years fiscal pressure, campus-wide departmental reorganization, and the rise and fall in prominence and activity of specific research and teaching programs have raised questions about the current organization of campus libraries. The Chancellor, therefore, has asked the ULC to look hard at the feasibility of consolidation.

The University is simultaneously blessed and cursed by a profusion of small libraries which serve specialized communities of faculty and students. These special purpose libraries provide their clients with materials crucial to their work, usually at a convenient location. The dispersion of these libraries both physically and administratively, however, challenges overall campus planning and may in fact be a detriment to the equitable distribution of library services and resources to our faculty and students as a whole. Campus planning must consider whether reorganization of the many campus specialized libraries is necessary for the fiscal as well as service environments of the present and future.

The subcommittee hopes to outline the important factors which must play a role in reorganization. A faculty survey in February of 1993 indicated that a large majority of faculty are very satisfied with the present system in terms of convenience of location and specialized knowledge of library staff. Therefore, future discussions on library reorganization must seek broad faculty and student input.

A second area of concern to the subcommittee has been the chronic problem of apparent inequities in salary and job security among librarians on campus. It was clear in meetings with librarians that this is an issue which affects staff morale and the functioning of libraries.

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