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Library Milestones

The Business Library opened in its new facility in Grainger Hall. The new library is quickly becoming one of the most heavily used libraries on the campus. In an effort to improve the Business Library collections, the Rennebohm Foundation donated $100,000 for library resources.

The Social Work Library moved to an attractive space in the old University Infirmary Building, now called the School of Social Work Building (1300 University Ave). The purchase of new furniture enhanced the research environment of the library.

The successful negotiation of a partnership agreement between the campus libraries and the Division of Information Technology (DoIT) stabilized the operating cost of the library automation system and positioned the libraries to take advantage of new information technologies as they become available.

The General Library System and the DoIT cooperated in designing and establishing a new computerized information access facility for students located in Memorial Library. The new InfoLab, which is substantially funded by student fees, has more than 100 computer workstations as well as related technology. It is the largest such facility on the campus.

Most of the library public access catalog terminals have been replaced by multi-function personal computers which are capable of a wide range of new applications for information access and delivery.

The software for the UW-Madison online library catalog (NLS) was re-engineered to run on a new computing platform (the IBM RS 6000), producing the immediate benefit of higher processing speed and the restoration of some of the functions that had been eliminated as a cost saving measure.

The conversion of the card catalog to an electronic format continued at a pace of more than 100,000 new online cataloging records annually. This is the third year that the conversion projects have received supplemental funding from UW System and the UW-Madison campus administration.

The General Library System reorganized interlibrary loan services by assigning lending responsibilities to the Wisconsin Interlibrary Service (WILS) while continuing the borrowing mission of the GLS interlibrary loan office. Plans are being developed for the expansion and improvement of information access and delivery services for the campus.

The university library systems represented in the Committee on Institutional Cooperation developed a strategic plan to develop cooperative collection development agreements and to expand resource sharing systems. The concept of expanded coordination and cooperation between university libraries was endorsed by the Presidents and Chancellors of the CIC universities.

The Wendt Engineering Library, working in cooperation with other campus libraries, initiated a pilot project to test electronic access to reserve reading materials.

Library instructional programs were provided to more than 16,000 students during the year. The number of hours of instruction are equivalent to 36 three-credit semester courses.

Although gifts to the library increased, the number of books purchased by the General Library System decreased by almost 8% during the 1992-93 fiscal year. This decrease notwithstanding, the expenditures for monographs increased over the previous year by 2%.

The University Archives were administratively merged with the General Library System at the beginning of the 1993-94 fiscal year.

An endowment of $1,100,000 was established for the General Library System through the bequest of 1925 alumna Adeline Pepper.

Special Collections received an outstanding gift of six exceedingly rare fifteenth-century books from donor William Reeder.

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