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1992-93 MEMBERS             1993-94 MEMBERS


Elected Faculty             Elected Faculty

 Richard Askey                Bernice Durand (gone spring)

 Darlene Weingand             Richard Askey (sub for Durand)

 Bernice Durand (Chair)       Lewis Leavitt

 Lewis Leavitt                Robert Auerbach

 Robert Auerbach              Margarita Zamora (Chair)

 Margarita Zamora             William Thiesenhusen

 William Thiesenhusen         David Woodward (gone fall)

 David Woodward               Darlene Weingand (sub for Woodward)

 Mark Beissinger              Robert March


Appointed Academic Staff    Appointed Academic Staff

 David Brown                  David McJunkin

 Elizabeth Steinberg          Elizabeth Steinberg


Appointed Students          Appointed Students

 Charles Dean (Sem II)        Kathryn Stuebner

 Jennifer Lowe (Sem II)       David Wilcox

 David Wilcox (Sem II)        Eileen Willingham


Ex Officio from Bascom      Ex Officio from Bascom

 Phillip Braithwaite          Phillip Braithwaite

 Betsy Draine                 Betsy Draine


Librarians                  Librarians

 Kenneth Frazier              Kenneth Frazier

 R. David Myers               R. David Myers

 Abbie Loomis                 Abbie Loomis

 Josephine Crawford           Kerry Kresse

Subcommittee Chairs

Automation--Robert March
Budget--Bernice Durand (Sem I), William Thiesenhusen (Sem. II)
Campus Libraries--Lewis Leavitt
Intellectual Property--Margarita Zamora (acting chair)
Serials and Collections--Elizabeth Steinberg


September 14, 1993, Memorial Library
October 12, 1993, Helen C. White Library
November 2, 1993, Memorial Library
December 14, 1993, Health Sciences (Middleton) Library
February 8, 1994, Memorial Library
March 15, 1994, Steenbock Library
April 12, 1994, Health Sciences (Middleton) Library
May 10, 1994, Wendt Engineering Library.

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