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The ULC has 19 members: 8 elected faculty (2 from each division), with four-year terms; 2 appointed academic staff, with four-year terms; elected library staff, with two-year terms; the Director of the GLS; an elected representative of the Library Coordinating Council (LCC); 2 appointed representatives from the Office of Budget, Planning, and Analysis and the Office of the Provost; and 2 students appointed by Associated Students of Madison. The 8 faculty, 2 academic staff, and 2 students have voting privileges (see Faculty Policies and Procedures 6.46 A).
A list of the members for March 1995-February 1996 appears below:


Lois Anderson
Mark Beissinger (on leave)
David Canon (substituting for Beissinger)
Stanley Dodson
Louis J. Maher, Jr. (representative to University Archives Committee)
Robert March
R. Timothy Mulcahy
William C. Thiesenhusen (chair)
David Woodward

Academic Staff:

David McJunkin
Elizabeth Steinberg (representative to Memorial Library Committee)


Michelle Diggles
David Wilcox


Phillip Braithwaite
Betsy Draine


Kenneth Frazier
Vicki Hill (voting member)
Tom Murray
Ed Van Gemert (voting member)

Standing Subcommittees of the ULC

March (chair), Dodson, Frazier, Pope, Braithwaite, Wilcox, Crawford, Gimski, Maher
Thiesenhusen (chair), Frazier, Hill, Pitschmann, Anunson, March, Braithwaite, Draine, Maher, Wilcox
Campus Libraries:
Maher (chair), Dodson, Canon, Pfahler, Mulcahy, Pitschmann, McJunkin, Holtz, Joseph
Intellectual Property:
Woodward (chair), Bauer, Drechsel, Frazier, Holtz, March, Reilly, Anderson, Steinberg, Mulcahy, Zamora, Kidwell
Library Services and User Education:
Mulcahy (chair), Wilcox, Van Gemert, Searing, Loomis, Canon, Thiesenhusen
Serials and Collections:
Woodward (chair), Van Gemert, Pitschmann, McJunkin, Steinberg, Joseph, Anderson, Canon

Representative (non-voting) on Campus Planning Committee:

Robert March

Representatives to the ULC:

Archives Committee:   Maher
CUWL:   Frazier
Library Coordinating Council:   Murray
Memorial Library Committee:   Steinberg

1995-96 Meetings: Tuesdays, 3:30-5:30 p.m.

September 12, 2191G College Library
October 10, 329 Wendt Library
November 14, 240 Steenbock Library
December 12, 2191G College Library
February 13, 240 Steenbock Library
March 19, 2191G College Library
April 9, 240 Steenbock Library
May 14, 2191G College Library

Subcommittee Reports:


The ULC wishes to thank Kenneth Frazier and the many library staff who have helped us progress in our understanding of the challenges facing UW-Madison libraries.

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