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ULC Membership

The ULC has 19 members: 8 elected faculty (2 from each division, with four-year terms); 2 appointed academic staff, with four-year terms); 2 elected library staff, with two-year terms; the Director of GLS; 1 elected representative of the Library Coordinating Council (a management body that represents campus libraries and coordinates their policies and activities); 2 appointed representatives from the Office of Budget, Planning, and Analysis and the Office of the Provost; and 3 appointed students. The 8 faculty, 2 academic staff, and 3 students have voting privileges (see Faculty Policies and Procedures 6.46 A).
The following were members of the ULC in the 1996/97 academic year:


Lois Anderson (Music) (representative to the Memorial Library Committee)
Mark Beissinger (Chair) (Political Science)
Daniel Bromley (Agricultural and Applied Economics)
Sargent Bush (English)
Stanley Dodson (Zoology)
Lewis Leavitt (Pediatrics)
Louis J. Maher, Jr. (Geology & Geophysics) (representative to the University Archives Committee)
Robert March (Physics)

Academic Staff

David McJunkin (Center for Climatic Research)
Ann Gordon-Walker (Graduate School)


Sean Flanagan (Semester I)
Erin Hauber
Jennifer Iserman (Semester II)
Matt Kolinski (Semester II)
David Wilcox (Semester I)


Phillip Braithwaite (Budget Planning and Analysis)
Betsy Draine (Associate Vice Chancellor)


Ken Frazier (Director, General Library System)
Jean Gilbertson (Steenbock Library)
Vicki Hill (Memorial Library)
Yvonne Schofer (Memorial Library)

Standing Subcommittees of the ULC

ULC has five standing subcommittees to enable the charge of the committee to be fulfilled in a timely and informed manner: Automation, Budget, Intellectual Property, Library Services and User Education, and Serials and Collections. A Campus Libraries subcommittee, established four years ago to explore possibilities for physical consolidation of collections, completed an extensive investigation into this issue and was dissolved this year. Members of the ULC also serve on the Memorial Library Committee and the University Archives Committee. Attendance at ULC meetings by campus library staff assures a voice in ULC recommendations by all units affected. The full committee meets eight times per academic year. The subcommittees meet or communicate as needed.
March (Chair), Crawford, Dodson, Frazier, Pope, Wilcox
Bromley (Chair), Anunson, Beissinger, Braithwaite, Draine, Frazier, Hill, Maher, Pitschmann, Reilly
Campus Libraries:
Dodson (Chair), Gilbertson, Holtz, Leavitt, McJunkin, Pfahler
Intellectual Property:
Beissinger (Chair), Anderson, Bromley, Frazier, Hill, Leavitt, Reilly, Elizabeth Steinberg (at invitation of the chair)
Library Services and User Education:
Maher (Chair), Beissinger, Bush, Flanagan, Gilbertson, Hauber, Iserman, Kolinski, Loomis, Searing, Wilcox
Serials and Collections:
Anderson (Chair), Beissinger, Bush, Gordon-Walker, Iserman, McJunkin, Murray, Pitschmann, Schofer


ULC wishes to thank Ken Frazier and the many library staff who have helped us over the course of this year to understand better the challenges facing UW-Madison libraries.

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